Public participation in the reuse of treated wastewater in agricultural areas

Dr. Mariana Villada-Canela

Examine the opportunities, barriers and challenges of public participation in a site where the reuse of treated wastewater (ART) has been applied in agricultural activities in Mexico.

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Use of waste to obtain materials and their use in environmental remediation

Dr. Jorge Carlos Ríos Hurtado

Identify the benefits of the use of waste for the generation of new materials and provide solutions to different environmental problems caused by the generation and their disposal.

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Industrial wastewater treatment: challenges and opportunities

Dr. Francisco Javier Cervantes Carrillo

Present the main challenges currently faced during water treatment from
industrial waste, as well as discuss opportunities to recover value-added resources from these effluents.

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Resource recovery during wastewater treatment under the concept of circular economy

Dr. Germán Buitrón Méndez

To show the opportunities for resource recovery from wastewater under the concept of circular economy

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Anaerobic digestion in the sustainability of cities

Dr. Florina Ramírez Vives, Dr. Rosalinda Campuzano, Dr. Oscar Monroy

Design decentralized treatment processes for wastewater and organic solid waste.

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Biological industrial wastewater treatment 

Dr. Iván Moreno Andrade

Know basic aspects of the biological treatment of industrial wastewater,
characteristics, challenges and strategies for its remediation.

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Challenges and opportunities in the treatment of water from the tanning industry

Dr. Javier Antonio Arcibar Orozco

Know the characteristics of the various effluents that are produced during the chain production of leather, alternatives for its treatment and recent advances to increase its sustainability.

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